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Complete your registration via personal check or online banking (for those in the United States):

Mail and make your check payable to:
Awakening Women
PO Box 1786
Nevada City, CA 95959  USA

Be sure to email Karen,, once you have sent your check in the mail with the check number and amount.

Complete your registration via Wise or Bank Transfer:

We appreciate your using the Wise transfer service ( if you have that available or wish to create an account. This service will easily make the currency conversion for you and quickly send funds to us in USD for lower fees. You will see any fees clearly listed when you initiate the transfer. Please scroll down for bank account information.

You may also choose to send your balance with a bank transfer, but the fees will probably be higher.

Complete your registration with PayPal or credit card:

You can go to this Corfu checkout page to complete your tuition balance.

Transfer Details:

IMPORTANT: Mark the bank transfer with your Name, Contact info with email and “Corfu Retreat” in the memo. You also have to send Karen an email ( letting her know you have made the transfer, with the bank confirmation document of the transfer including the date and amount.

Please note that there will likely be fees to send money via bank transfer. You will need to add any additional charges to the total you send so that we receive the full amount of your balance in USD. We also have a fee at our end. Thank you.

** Please follow the guidelines below to ensure you make the transfer correctly. We recommend that you download and print out this document (click here) to bring with you to the bank.


Bank Name: TriCounties Bank
Bank Address: 63 Constitution Drive, Chico, CA 95973 USA
Phone ~ 001-530-478-6000

Routing # 121135045
Account 601056227

Beneficiary Name: Awakening Women Inc.
Beneficiary Address: 420 Nursery Street; Nevada City, CA 95959 USA

** Guidelines for Making a Bank Transfer **

  1. Please double check that all the information is correct when you fill out the form for a bank transfer.
  2. Be sure to make your transfer in USD.
  3. US Banks do not have IBAN numbers.  The above information should be all you need to make the transfer. Make sure you do not enter any information in the IBAN category when you make the transfer.
  4. For those outside the US, it is helpful to request to work with a bank representative who is familiar with transfers to US banks, as these transfers are different than European bank transfers.
  5. Make sure the routing number and account number are in the correct place and are not switched.
  6. If you have any questions or confusion, contact Karen at and send her a picture of your bank transfer form, so she can help you double check and ensure there are no mistakes before you send the transfer.