Register for the Yogini Summer Ashram in Corfu 2020

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Temple Training

Tell us about the Awakening Women retreats and online courses you have participated in (Note: to attend the Yogini Summer Ashram, you must have completed at least one online sadhana):

Tell us about your personal practice alone and/or with a Women's Temple group, as well as any other embodied/feminine spiritual practice you have been engaged in:

If you are registering for the Women's Temple Facilitator Training, please answer some additional questions. What name would you like to be called?

What is your address?

Why did you feel attracted to this training?

Tell us 3 things you find challenging about stepping into leadership:

What else would you like to tell us about yourself?

Cancellation Policy:

I understand that in case of cancellation before February 15, 2020 AWI will keep 50% of my deposit as an administration fee. In case of cancellation between February 15 and May 1, 2020 AWI will keep 100% of my deposit as an administration fee. AWI is not responsible for any changes in the exchange rates throughout the year. After May 1, 2020 there will be no refunds. In case of sickness, you may transfer the course fee (minus deposit) to a future course (you can only transfer the sum once. There are limited courses that are available for this kind of transfer.) AWI is financially responsible for the retreat so we ask you kindly to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

I accept the cancellation policy.

Accommodation at Alexis Zorbas:

All participants of the Yogini Summer Ashram must stay at Alexis Zorbas during the duration of the retreat, and must contact Zorbas Travel to reserve their room.

I understand that I must stay at Alexis Zorbas while I am in the Yogini Summer Ashram and will contact Zorbas Travel to reserve my room.

I will wait to book any travel arrangements until I receive a confirmation of my registration from the Corfu Team.


Because of the intensity of the Shakti practices in the circle and the strength required to travel to Corfu, we ask that each woman applying be in good mental and physical health. For this reason, the retreats are unsuitable for anyone with a current history of mental illness, working through severe trauma or crisis, or needing therapeutic/one-on-one support.

I am in good psychological health and understand that this is a spiritual retreat, not an offering of psychological or physical treatment. I will be able to be fully present for the retreat and take responsibility for myself.

Do you have any history with mental illness or are you currently using any mood-altering medications, have any injuries or anything else that might influence your presence in the retreat?

Name, Email and Phone Number of someone who can be your contact while you are Corfu + traveling if we need to reach you: