The Yogini Summer Ashram

Corfu, Greece
June 14 – July 10, 2020

Dear Sister,

Welcome to our 14th International Yogini Summer Ashram in Greece! 

You can join us for the whole month or choose which week is right for you. This year we will also have a German language week and the women’s facilitator training as part of our ashram. 

We call this retreat an ashram because we come together for spiritual practice. Together we co-create a safe container which allows us to let go into the depths of spiritual awakening. This container of awakening actualizes when each woman honors the space we create together with all her heart, showing up fully for practice, for the benefit of all.

Since the first time we gathered on the magical island of Corfu 13 years ago, our practice and connection to the ancient lineage of feminine practitioners has deepened in ways I could never have imagined.

For many women this annual ashram time in Greece has become the oasis we return to again and again to deepen our connection with Goddess, to fill up our inner well, to re-member and to re-align.

If you feel the call, and feel a longing to step two feet in to a powerful circle of practice, come join us!

(Register soon to claim your seat; this retreat fills up each year.)

With infinite love,